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is a perfect blend of calcium L-threonate, hydrolysed collagen & γ-oryzanol for:

Improve bone health inhibiting bone resorption and encouraging bone formation.

Reduce joint pain.

Rebuild the joints,cartilage and collagen.

What is Calcium L-threonate?

Calcium L-threonate is a compound designed for the treatment of bone disease. L-threonic acid is an active metabolite of vitamin C which had been shown to have an ability in enhancing the bioavailability of minerals, such as calcium.

It is well known that vitamin C is a marker for osteoblast formation and has been shown to stimulate procallagen and enhance collagen synthesis (Morton et al. 2001; Hall et al. 1998; Franceschi & Lyer 1992).

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CaL-Threonate+ Testimony

80 year-old woman miracle to stand up!

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