CaL-Threonate+ Testimony

80 year-old woman miracle to stand up!

When I was 80 years of age in 2011, my T12 spinal cord collapsed. Even after spending a lot of money money on a “locking screwplate fixation” surgery, I was immobilized for month and was only able to lie down, all the while suffering in pain.

During this period of time, my T9 spinal cord also collapsed and given no choice, I had to perform a second operation. Even after the second operation, I was bed-bound for four year. During this time, I had to depend on diapers for my daily motions and emotionally, I was very demotivated.

In 2015, my second son Andy suggested that I replace my regular calcium pills with CaL-Threonate+, and I began to take two tablets daily.

After 3 months, I was able to sit up on my own and began to feel that my bones became stronger. I started physiotherapy and continued with the intake of CaL-Threonate+, and six months later, I was able to walk on my own even without a walking frame to hold on to.